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I'm back in Olympia again, fighting to protect the good citizens of the 9th
Legislative District. While it is an honor and privilege to represent the
9th district in the Legislature, Olympia is not my home.

As I visited with folks at home, jobs and the overall tax burden rise to
the top as topics of conversation. There are still 43,000 people, which
was peak employment, that are not employed or underemployed in our
slowly recovering economy statewide. There is nothing more
disheartening to an individual than the lack of job opportunities present
today. Instead of seeking to create an atmosphere where new jobs can
thrive, many in Olympia would like to solve our state's problems by
increasing your tax burden. Whether it is an increase of B & O taxes on
small businesses, taxes on consumer goods, or additional increases at the
gas pump, all of these impact the ability to put food on the table.

If you should make it over to Olympia, I would love to visit with you
about these and other issues that you are dealing with every day.

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